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Looking for somewhere to have a drink? Perhaps a little hot-spot with a wild crowd and amazing bartenders? No? Then maybe its a quiet scene with small chit-chat that you prefer. Well, whatever it may be, you've come to the right place!

We here at realize that there are thousands upon thousands of choices of where to go at night. Many of those choices may include a bar of some sort. To the right, you'll notice a list of fine establishments sorted by region (ie. Nassau County, Brooklyn, Manhattan, etc.). By browsing through the list and viewing an advertisement of one of the bars listed, you can get a better idea of what that bar offers. This will hopefully aid you in your search of what to do tonight!

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What All This Is

Through, you can view not only an extensive listing of quality bars and pubs, but you can view listings of clubs, lounges, and restaurants as well.

In addition to just viewing a list of hot-spots, you can read a little about them, giving you an idea of what you will encounter upon a visit to that place. You will find anything from the type of crowd, music played, drink specials, or even the type of dress expected.

Factors such as the type of music played or the dress code can also be chosen right from the start through our advanced search feature. You can get there by clicking the link we have just given, or by clicking on the "Advanced Search" button found at both the top and bottom of this site (oh yea...we almost forgot the pull down menus as well). So give it a try, its only a click away! offers those who advertise with us the opportunity to let their potential clients (those of you browsing our site), get a feel for their business. We allow businesses to place an advertisement containing both text and graphics pertaining to their establishment. This, we hope, helps business owners in promoting their establishments and users in finding what they should do for the night!

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Below, you will notice a pull down menu and an empty box. Here, you may choose a region where the bar desired shall be located, or enter a specific zip code for all of the establishments in that immediate area.

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