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Ask anyone and they'll tell you...the hottest clubs around are in New York State. Besides, where else do you hear the phattest beats and see the sickest DJs other than in these two locations. Clubs like Exit, The Tunnel, Soundfactory, Limelight, Elda's Nightclub, Zachary's, and South Beach are all one of a kind!

While you're here in the "CLUBS" section, take a look at the list of various nightclubs to the right...browse around, and you'll surely find where you should go tonight. A great time is only a click away!

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Through, you can not only see what club is out there for you, but you can also place yourself on a specific club's guestlist, enabling you to either receive free admission, reduced admission, or even walk right past the line (and we all know that sometimes those lines are worse than waiting for a cab in Manhattan in the dead of winter!).

All you've got to do is sign up on a specific club's guestlist.

Once you have clicked your way to a club via the pull down menus below, you will see an "Add Me To ______ Guestlist" button. Simply click this button, and you can add yourself to that club's guestlist for a specific night...complements of and Fast Lane Technologies Inc. You can also click on the "V.I.P. Guestlists" button found on both the top and bottom, as well as the pull down menus, on all pages. Its give it a try and recieve that V.I.P. attention today!

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Below, you will notice a pull down menu and an empty box. Here, you may choose a region where the club desired shall be located, or enter a specific zip code for all of the establishments in that immediate area.

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Now you have the chance to become a NYC V.I.P. Follow this link to the "NYC V.I.P." page, and you can sign up to receive a NYC V.I.P. card. This card will allow the bearer to be placed on various guestlists at nightclubs, receive discounts at specified establishments, and much more. Isn't it about time that you become a NYC V.I.P.?

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Just like we said before, join our hi-tech mailing list to receive passes for specific club nights and events. By joining the list, you'll also be able to learn of upcoming events, news about performing artists, and much more. So hurry, and sign up today!

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