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Many people question what a lounge exactly is. Well, its just as it is by name...a place to lounge...or rather to relax and unwind. A lounge is a place with a relaxed atmosphere. It is a place where you can either go to have a drink by yourself, to be alone with your thoughts, or to meet new people and share their thoughts! You can mellow out from a long and stressful day to the sounds of smooth jazz or to the words of an unknown poet.

Don't be surprised if you meet someone famous at one of these places...celebrities need to relax too! If you possess a special talent, such as being a musician or writer of some sort, you could get your chance to show what you've got at one of these lounges. Many have an open mic night, where you can get up on stage and give it your all. So why not check out a lounge near you!

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