The NYC V.I.P. Card

Order Your FREE V.I.P. Card Activate/Edit Your FREE V.I.P. Card offers its users a NYC V.I.P. card. Through an affiliation with, is offering one of its first [out of many to come] promotions for valued members. The NYC V.I.P. card entitles its holder to various priveledges and specials...some are listed below:

1) Card may be used universally.

2) The card may be used to receive special discounts at specified establishments.

3) Card may be used for any club where a guestlist has been established. (You do not not have to print out a guestlist confirmation!)

4) The NYC V.I.P. card may be used as a shortcut. This means, you may use the card number when entering information on various forms on the site. For example, you may enter the card number rather than personal information when filling out a guestlist application. Its that simple.

You now have two steps to choose from. If you are still without this amazing NYC V.I.P. card, which offers the benefits stated above as well as much, much more, please click the link below reading "Order Your FREE V.I.P. Card" If you have already received a NYC V.I.P. card, please click on the link "Activate/Edit Your FREE V.I.P. Card" and fill in the requested information. So what are you waiting for?!? Become a NYC V.I.P. today!

Order Your FREE V.I.P. Card      |      Activate/Edit Your FREE V.I.P. Card

Below is a picture of what the NYC V.I.P. card looks like:

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